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  1. Kateri, I’m a nurse in Ireland and I have just stumbled upon your blog; I’m so glad I did. “The burnout began to infiltrate everything, my personal life, my work life, even my private life of time alone with myself. What started as a little exhaustion turned into full-blown self-loathing and misery.”….omg, maybe this is what’s wrong with me and the reason why I’m feeling so thoroughly wretched in every aspect of my life at the moment. I was really beginning to feel like there might be something seriously wrong, I was just about to go to the doctor and get a sick line, after 6 years of never having taken any sick-leave. This has given me food for thought; perhaps I can take two steps back from catastrophizing my entire existence and just take a deep breath and reflect on things. Cheers. Wow, seriously, I feel immeasurably better just having read this post. xxd

    1. Well said and thank you. I am a cna in a respiratory hospital and bath all my patients and turn them every 2 hours. I went thru 1 year of nursing and become a MA. I was proud of my nursing uniform, shoes and all because I take care of Gods People. I am a gate keeper and kept those that can stay well. Thank you

  2. I will never watch that show again. What a shame they tried to put you to shame. Thank you for all that you do. Your job is just as important as the Doctors job! Joy needs to think before she speaks. Keep up I your great work!

    1. That is not what they did, people! It was a very easy to be confused. Joy did not watch the pageant, nor did I, so we saw only the picture of the young lady in a uniform and thought it was a costume, natural mistake! Today on The View the ladies explained and Joy said she
      was sorry and how much she admired the profession and has a dear relative who is a nurse! Sometimes people hear only what they want and leap to wrong conclusions! Do not judge Joy like that , she is a fine caring lady!

      1. Camille, unfortunately, Joy is only caring to people who agree with her or that don’t offer an opportunity for a laugh. Perhaps a fault of her former profession, standup comedy. So now in this role on The View (which I used to enjoy but never watch now) she should be more educated before making sexist and rude comments or take the heat.

        In my view I think she, like many liberals, are only tolerant or kind when it comes to their agendas/ilk. Making fun of people in a mean way is her thing, especially if they aren’t liberal.

        Talk about a war on women Joy immediately assumed this young woman was wearing some doctor’s stethoscope….like there’s no way she could be a doctor! How old school, discriminatory, ignorant and possibly hypocritical because I bet in the archives we’d find her crudely tear down anyone who underestimated or misspoke about a woman’s abilities.
        What about women’s appearances? Are they the show that shamefully put down the lady who is a conscientious objector in KY?
        (She could have been fired rather than put in jail for not obeying the Supreme Court not legislative decision that became federal law but for some reason the state or governor didn’t offer that!)
        Did the show say anything about Trump rudely commenting on Fiorini’s face?
        You are right, two wrongs do not make a right. Tell that also to Joy……
        she keeps doing wrongs unless it’s someone on her side. I am glad people like Kateri have the courage to speak out when the now-it-all celebrities show their a_ _. Hopefully people will wake up, quit worshipping these celebrities and realize they have the ability to research, learn things for themselves and not take everything the talk shows or radio stations say for truth. Our country is in too much trouble too let them lead us.
        Bravo Kateri!! Though I’m not surprised at all by your spirit, courage and dedication as an RN since 1987 and the daughter of a WW II Army nurse who served in London during the blackouts. It takes a special person to be a good nurse. You clean, carry, move, stick, test, feed, probe, poke, suction, catheterize and resuscitate no matter what their race, creed, sex or faith may be something Joy Behar will never understand.

  3. It’s amazing to me that so many people put the faith and admiration in Hollywood . The people that make up the entertainment industry are for the most part shallow and so misinformed of the people they make their money off of. They have now admiration for the hard working people in this world. Don’t look to them for anything but entertainment in a make believe world ,because that is who they are . Thank you to all the selfless health care workers in this world

  4. Dear Katerina,
    Thank you very much for having the back of 1 of 3 mill
    I am currently a home care nurse after many years as an ICU nurse and thank God I learned how to use that “Dr’s” stethoscope, for there is no equipment in the home! Lol.
    Enjoyed your Behar beat down. 🙂

  5. All I can say is The View better never need a nurse; they are soooo stupid. Proud to be one of the 3 million. I have been a nurse for 21 years and have loved my job.

  6. Katerina, beautifully said. I don’t know if you’ve ever been exposed to the “mouth” on Joy Behar, previously. However, you cannot expect any more than ignorance from her. She is one nasty person. I won’t even say woman. I have always found that female comedians are nothing but huge smart mouths who never, ever, think before speaking. I’m sure that Behar laughed when she made that stupid statement. Who in America did NOT catch on to the purpose of the Nurses’ uniform…….we all did. I admire that woman…..she IS a nurse and a woman. We’re all proud of her presentation….much less shallow, than those appearing half naked, on national TV, to PLEASE everyone.

    1. Fradel12014, You are a bit snarky yourself! A lot of us DID NOT watch the pageant and only saw a picture of a lady in the uniform and thought it was a costume and part of her act ! Silly mistake, maybe so but that is all it was! What a waste of time to be so hateful to someone else and spout she negative things and she never appears half naked, so what’s your point! You condemn entertainers? They do a lot of good in this crazy world by entertaining and charitable work! Shame on you too! Two wrongs do not make a right!

  7. Beautifully said!!be proud of who you are and what you do for others!! Who cares what a person wears !! It’s a shame that some people don’t think before they speak and think it’s going to get a good laugh but at whose expense!!

  8. Your blog made my day! Though I am not a nurse I know first hand how important they are; you are all awesome and I thank God that people like Joy Behar don’t drive you away. Stay strong and stay proud!

  9. Glad that you posted that. I have many friends and my daughter that are in the medical field and are not treated with enough respect that they deserve! Loved you on the Miss America contest. You will go a long way with your goals!!

  10. Thank you for the letter to the view!!! I really hope they choose to become more aware instead of telling us to take a Xanax & get over it – that will never do.

    Thank you again,
    Sincerely a hard working nurse 🙂

  11. What is the biggest problem facing the caregiving industry?

    It is many problems unfortunately, overtime, poor wages, unskilled employees, etc, and that’s just the companies problems. Then there is the clients side; poor resources, lack of proper doctors, unaffordable health insurance, etc.

    I began my home health career with a company called Total Care. I ran the company administratively for 8 years doing everything from hiring, staffing, meeting clients, producing plan of care, billing, payroll, etc. It gave me a base of what to do right and wrong. I made plenty of mistakes, but learned valuable lessons from each one.

    When I started my own company, which I ran for 12 years. My mantra was “Happy employees are productive employees”. I personally trained them to care for the client as if they were caring for their own parents, with TLC.

    I had 16 wonderful full time employees that started with me and finished with me. I rewarded them generously, I listened to them, and did everything I could personally, physically and mentally. You get more out of life with honey than you do with vinegar.

    When I moved to Florida, I had to get a homemaker companion license and was not able to toilet or bathe the client, so in 2012 I decided there were to many rules and regulations and gave up the business. I did not want to give up my passion and struggled of what to do next. So I decided if I could not care for clients properly, that I still had free speech on my side and wrote a book to tell everyone how to care for their loved one properly.

    This is one of the reasons I am in the process of redoing my book that will be coming out in 2 weeks on CreateSpace, I used it as a training manual to train my employees properly, then as a resource guide for the families.

    I have given up my home health agency due to now being able to find employees, the horrible rules and regulations we are put under, and to many agencies.

    I would like to find a new niche in the caregiving industry to help with all these problems and many more. I have incorporated The Ultimate Caregiving Expert to work as a consultant/coach or whatever the need may be to help return to tender loving care.

  12. THANK YOU Kateri!! Thank you very much for acknowledging all of us, especially our wonderful Nurses who have dedicated their lives in such a benevolent profession! I am a 20 year ICU/NICU/ER Respiratory Therapist and I wanted to share a message I personally wrote to The View.

    To the co-hosts of The View, especially to Joy Behar and Michelle Collins:
    I’m a 20 year ICU/NICU/ER RT in San Diego, CA. I have stood proudly and have assisted with many amazing Nurses who do just that — SAVE LIVES!! I am very disgusted at the fact that the women of The View, have become quite ignorant, if not, completely stupid. You are all oblivious as to what Nurses do on a regular basis! They are a vital part of the healthcare professional triangle in any given hospital! Hospitals cannot function without Nurses! Like many of us, NURSES work 12-16 hours each day or night: assessing patients every 1-2 hours, giving crucial medications, keeping blood pressures, intracranial pressures, perforations, infections at bay, so not to have their patients spiral down or go into full arrest! They are the ones who initiate appropriate protocols, as well as, CPR when a patient goes pulseless! They are an integral extension of every doctor and health care practitioner! In addition, Nurses do this, often not taking a measly 30 minute lunch break, or holding their bladder for hours (because it is in their ethical nature to care for their patients vs. relieving themselves in a time of personal need)! A doctor’s stethoschope? For your information, Nurses do carry stethoscopes! What Miss Colorado wore, in fact, looked like a Isolation stethoscope. Do you even know what that is?! They are used for patients who have MRSA, VRE, C-Diff, TB, RSV, or Meningitis. Look it up, you might actually learn something, or understand the types of infections we all deal with on a good working day! Imagine what a bad working day is!! A stethoscope is a tool all Nurses have. They are not just used or worn by doctors! It is not a fashion accessory! (btw, most doctors often borrow theirs during a Code blue!) Do us all a favor and educate yourselves before making ignorant comments to the general public. I pray that if you are ever in the hospital, that a nurse remembers your face and your comments. Hearing Kelley Johnson’s speech was only a narrative, and was short of what nurses do. However, with her speech, she made many of us in this profession proud of wearing that badge of livelihood and honor! Trust me, Saving lives is, by far, the best talent anyone can have under their belt!! Great job Kelley! You would’ve won in my book. One word to describe your co-hosts, CLUELESS. Shame on The View for insulting selfless and dedicated Nurses all over the world!

  13. As a retired nurse, thank you for representing us well. the superfluous thoughts that come from the unthinking hosts on many programs are just that! I have followed many avenues of employment over the years, however, Once a Nurse Always a Nurse has followed me in all avenues and I am proud to be a Nurse.

  14. Kateri – I was a critical care nurse and a professor of nursing for 25 years before I retired. Your eloquence and perception put my anger at the particular members of The View to shame. Thank you so much. You make me proud to share a profession with you.

  15. That was an outstanding blog you wrote about nurses! I applauded that, very well versed and to the point. You are a very intelligent nurse on top of probably being one of the best. I also applaud ms Colorado for what she did as well. Thank you very much….god bless

  16. I did not watch the pageant, have seen responses. Nicely written, very much agree. As an RT I wonder why you did not capitalize our profession? We are the main uses of the ‘stethoscope’.

  17. Beautifully said! You are a credit to your chosen profession and to your brother ad sister nurses everywhere! Thank you!
    Ross, RN – Director of Nursing and Crisis Services, NY

  18. Please tell me you sent this to Joy. Someday she, like all of us, are going to be found on the other end of that stethoscope and she will be glad that the stethoscope and the nurse trained to use it are doing their job!!She owes nurses everywhere an apology.

  19. Thank you for your letter to Joy Bahar. I loved that someone with obviously, an IQ greater than hers responded.
    I have friends that are nurses. One of them works at Hermann Hospital in the Houston Medical Center. My friend works not only as an ER nurse in their Level One emergency room, but she’s also a forensics nurse that does examinations, and evidence collections from rape victims. That is not a pleasant job. I couldn’t do it.
    You are the second person I’ve seen with the name of Kateri. Did you ever live in Texas? One of my doctors named her daughter Kateri. Yes, I do know that is also the name of a saint.

  20. Katerina,
    Well said and very eloquent. Thank you for taking the time to compose this letter, you Echo many of the thoughts of the 3 million nurses you work alongside. I’ve been a nurse for 30 years and a nurse practitioner for 18 of those years. Proud to have this new nurse in our numbers.
    A nurse with a stethoscope!
    Jessica Buhr, RN, BSN, MSN, MAS, CRNP

  21. I know your busy with your career and with what you addressed. Just want to thank you for speaking up on our behalf. We go unnoticed for what we do. We are never really appreciated for what we do, or so it’s not spoken of or acknowledged enough. We are like physicians. We give educated answers and info when Dr are away near or far. I live in Elkhart, Ks I have worked in several areas of nursing. Currently I’m a medical clinic nurse(RN) in a rural area where we are jacks of all trades. In closing, your approach to Joy’s statements was intelligently addressed with love and compassion and so so proud! Again, thank you for being our advocate. God bless you
    Rita Granados RN

  22. You go girl! Absolutely wonderful letter to Joy Behar in response to her ignorant comments! The show The View is total garbage! God forbid she ever becomes ill, maybe, then she will know how important we are on the healthcare team! I too am an RN…graduated in 75′ and worked 20 years as an ICU nurse and used my stethoscope! I loved doing what I did. It is an honorable profession!

  23. Thank you so much for writing this. I am not a nurse, I am a daughter of a man who at 87 years old sustained TBI. My father was not only my dad but also my best friend and for the 5 months he was in the hospital before his body gave up those nurses were my heros. They were the front line in caring for my dad, much more so than the PA’s or Doctors. Yes, they checked his vitals but they also did more. They fed him, they changed his diaper, they cleaned him, the changed his clothes. They made sure he had his medication, that is sugar was OK , is blood work was done and more. And on top of all this work they held his hand when he was confused. They called me when he was upset and held the phone to his ear. They made him smile when he was feeling sad and they reminded him everyday that his daughter would be there right after work. They greeted me everyday when I arrived and told me about his day and when I left to go home they assured me that he would be fine while I was gone. On top of all of this, they held my hand, they dried my tears, they gave me hope and in the end they gave me the strength to let go. Nurses will always be hero’s in my eyes.

  24. Hi there… I put this up as a response to a friend of mine on facebook saying we all take things to heart to seriously and we need to calm down about it…. I had to say something… Because i too work in an emergency room and have worked on an ambulance for over 25years of my life… With a stethascope… Lol
    I think the issue everyone is dwelling on seems to be the tone in which these comments were made… If they were made in a tone of “not sureness” then it would have flown a bit better into the viewing audience… The issue that so many have I feel, is the privileged position they are in for one, passing off ignorance of the details as snobbish facts…. Like you said… The grinding of the musicians’ bow… Not accurate, presented as accurate…. the “doctor’s” stethoscope, not accurate…. Presented as accurate…. So if they really wanted to do “fair” journaling…then they should have stuck to being humble about their obvious lack of knowledge on these topics and gone on to speak of things they DO know more about…. And not PRETEND to the public that they have a clue, when they do not… That’s my take away from it… Poor attitude on their part ended up pissing off a ton of very qualified individuals who never ask for a thank you in their day to day life as it is… And now, because of ignorance, feel the need to defend the equipment they use in their job… I can totally see why so many are insulted… Facts are facts and they presented their loose understanding of a topic as facts…. Not cool… I am just a bystander… Using a “doctors” stethoscope myself to do my work for 25 years now….But in the early days, I graduated with a broadcasting degree… Because i have always valued getting the most accurate facts of a situation out there…i have grown up to see that doesn’t always happen… But when its so blatant like this… It’s rude….rant over 🙂 I reslly liked what you had to say… And the fact is, before writing… I too, had to calm down and take a breath!

  25. I loved your monologue and definitely your letter to Joy Behar. I am not a nurse but my mother and many of my family members are nurses and other medical fields including doctors. NURSES are the backbone of hospitals, medical offices, etc. I truly appreciate each and every medical personnel especially when I am hospitalized. THANK YOU from my heart for your services and for all that you do for patients/people.

  26. Thank you for your response to Joy Behar. I am the proud parent of two of our daughters that are nurses.Sometimes I think people in the entertainment business do not think before they speak. Way to go nurses! Continue to do what you do on a daily basis and that is to care for anyone no matter what their opinions, race, or beliefs. Theresa

  27. Thank You for You Words and for your response. If Joy ever showed up to a Hospital ER we would take care of her, in spite of her ignorance because that is what Nurses Do.

  28. Very well written response to Joy Behar on The View. I’m astonished that another woman would demean a legitimate, life-saving occupation like she did. She’s a discredit to women everywhere. Nurses have saved my life, held my hand through a difficult and protracted labor, a student nurse held my hand as I was wheeled into surgery.

  29. Hi, I just read your letter, I luv it… Very well written. I saw Miss Colorado give her dialogue and it brought tears to my eyes. My mom is in a Nursing Home and I thank god for the nurses who take care of her. Some she loves and some she is not to fond of but they take very good care of her. If it were not for the caring of the nurses I would worry so much more then I already do each and every day. So Thank you for the response and thank you for doing what you do!!!!!!!

  30. I’very been a CNA for 25 years now and I think there are a lot of wonderful nurses out there. A person like Joy really needs to grow up and read a book on nursing. Maybe she might learn something before opening her mouth. I thought it was really neat of Kelly to come out in scrubs and talk about a profession she’s very proud of. I like the reply of someone saying it was nice to see her with clothes on and not a half naked body. Thank you all very much for everything you do. You all are very much appreciated.

  31. I just wanted to thank you for standing up not just for nurses, but all medical care givers. As a surgical assistant, I put in long, tough days and nights. I’m the one who gets yelled at when my Doc isn’t getting what he/she needs fast enough because of whatever detail. I’m the one to make sure my patient is kept safe and protocols are followed. I’m the one to be 6 steps ahead of my surgeon while focusing on stats, everything in the room, residents, anesthesia time and how my patient is positioned. I’m the one making sure everyone else is doing what they need to do, rectify mechanical issues all the while giving my docs what they need and not what they ask for. I average 23 minutes for “lunch” which can be at 11 am or 4 am. Occasionally I get forgotten and don’t get to use the bathroom for 6 hours. It’s a tough job, I wouldn’t change for anything. People say how can you do this? I do it because I want to take the cancer out of you so that you can live, I do it so your child’s arm is no longer broken, I do it to deliver a baby that would otherwise not survive, I do it to help infertile couples get their dream, I do it to take organs from one kind loving person so that 7 others can have a second chance, I do it for your grandmother who fell and broke her hip, I do it for your father who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I do it for your sister when her boyfriend beat her do badly and fractured her jaw, I do it for you.
    Thank you again and God bless.

  32. Let’s not forget to tell Joy that the 911 Emergency Medical Technician, and Paramedic who will have to rescue her when she chokes on her words, also use a stethoscope.

  33. Overkill ladies! No one disrespects the nursing profession! I have someone I live dearly by the name of Payton who is in nursing school now. Its a proud and very dedicated profession and Miss Behar stated that today! Let’s not get so caught up in revenge we forget to forgive when someone deserves it!

  34. Kateri…After two heart attacks, one cancerous kidney, ulcerative colitis, reflux esuphagitis just name a few of my challenges, I can, with confidence, say I’m a professional patient. As such, I can without doubt say that you are grossly underestimating a nurses abilities, responsibilities, and true worth.

    A nurses knowledge of medicine goes so far beyond the stethoscope. How many times have the nurses working with me caught medications mistakenly prescribed, caught totally wrong diagnosis from first year residents and so much more.

    Story: I’m admitted to the hospital for extensive bleeding from my colitis two days before the holiday of Passover. I’m brought up to the floor in a wheelchair and taken to the nurses station. I notice that the room number that I was given is for the room right next to the nurses station. When my papers are handed to the nurse at the desk, I ask if I can please go right in the room to lay down and finish the paper work while I’m in bed. The nurse comes from behind the desk and simply states “Mr. Feldman, you look like crap”. I respond thanks, can I go to my bed now? She says give me five minutes, don’t move, I’ll be right back. With me cursing in the background, she leaves. Five minutes later she returns and starts shelling me away from the room I was to be admitted to. Ignoring my protest, to my wife’s laughter, she takes me down the hall to a huge private room. She says, how did you expect to enjoy your Holiday in a cramped room with everyone watching their TV’s and all that noise. Besides, you look terrible. You need a break.

    Now that is a nurse!!!

    Now tell that woman on TV where to go.

    Thanks for all you and all those wonderful nurses do!!!

  35. I am not in the medical field but know some who are. Your letter was, in my opinion, beautifully written, and I think you took some time thinking how best to express yourself and get your point across to those not in the medical field. You provided information. Well done!

  36. I am an American missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Though we do have satellite TV, we do not get all American programs. As such, we did not watch the beauty pageant, and we do not get The View. Thus, we rely on the internet and social media to keep up with current events and much of our news. Upon reading all the hoop-la via Facebook regarding Miss Colorado and the remarks made on the The View, I read your “Open Letter” to Joy Behar. I applaud you for a well-written letter. I applaud you also for being a Nurse, and being part of American greatness. It is a sad day indeed when women in America are paid 6-figure salaries and being revered as sages with goddess-like status, for doing nothing but sitting on a TV set and spewing ignorance, or gossiping about the latest Hollywood “buzz.” (Buzz – worthless talk about the personal details of actors’ (musicians’, models’, etc.) lives, which 99% of the time is not worthy of a “news story,” and does nothing to help people or contribute to the well-being of society.) I would rather listen to women like you, who have something intelligent to say, and are devoting their lives to something truly professional and honorable. God bless.

  37. I want to say thank you so much for your letter! I have been a nurse for 25 years, now retired, and truly enjoyed working with my patients, as well as other nurses who felt the way I do. I hope The View hosts, Joy in particular, have read your educational letter! It is well on the mark of how a lot of us feel about such uninformed public figures who speak without knowing all of the facts. I applaud you for your response to Ms Baher’s comments. Hopefully, now she has all the facts and will stop making such uneducated comments. God bless you.

  38. Beautifully written, my full respect for you and your profession. I remember my nurse kissing me on the cheek as I went in for a surgery that I might not come out of. She was so caring and glad when I came back to my room. Love you nurses!

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